Possum Solutions are experts in removing possums from youR roof space.



Destruction to their natural habitat means that possums no longer have trees for shelter and nesting.  If they can access your roof space through only a small hole in the building, they will make this space a comfortable alternative shelter for the whole possum family. Possums are territorial animals so removing them from your roof space without repairing the entry point is ineffective. The only way to permanently resolve the problem is to repair the entry points and allow them to leave through our specially designed one way door system. This is a temporary system that stays in the roof long enough for all the family to leave. Once the possums have no access to your roof space, they relocate themselves.



We don’t just treat the insects that you can see. We seek out the nests and eradicate the problem from the source using a variety of gels and sprays. Most importantly, we will advise you on how to maintain the environment so that they are not a problem in the future.


Rats & Mice

We will eradicate your rodent problem by using a lockable bait station which is generally placed outside of your home. These stations make it impossible for the bait to be accessed by your pets or children.


Spiders, Ants and other crawling insects

By spraying a barrier around the exterior of your home every six months, we can stop crawling insects from entering your home. We spray in cracks and crevices and dust the vents. Anywhere that may be harbouring pests, we’ll take care of. We also spray your fence line to stop pests that thrive in the garden environment.



We endeavour to remove the nests early in the year, before the colony has a chance to expand and the wasps are less aggressive. Once removed we’ll spray an insecticide to ensure that the wasps are all eradicated and we’ll seal any cracks or crevices in your home that may allow a wasp access to the interior of your home.



In order to remove birds from your roof space, we employ a combination of techniques that can include identifying and repairing entry points in the building, using spikes and other bird deterrents.


Elm Leaf Beetle

Most of our Elm trees are susceptible to an infestation by the Elm Leaf beetle; a non native pest only detected in South Australia since 2009. If left untreated this beetle can cause total defoliation of the tree in a matter of weeks and whilst the foliage may regrow , the tree will be weaker and more at risk of other diseases.

Treatment for the Elm Leaf beetle is by stem injection or sprays.

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Domestic + Commercial


David Today

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